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All to often today, written work is overlooked and the quality of editing has taken a massive hit. Newpapers are getting sloppy, marketting isn't the the art that it once was, and even published books are  riddled with mistakes  and double spaces.


How many errors did you see above? Are you sure you saw them all?

The average essay/CV/article/website writer assumes that their Word processor can flag up all of these common errors. But nothing can replace a trained human eye for spotting mistakes - if it could, there wouldn't be the sheer volume of mistakes the public domain currently tolerates. For some people, job opportunities are missed, applications turned down and confidence in professionalism lost.

If you value quality, you unfortunately cannot trust your computer, or even your own eyes. Send your treasured copy to proofweeder, and we will ensure that your copy is of the quality that it deserves.

everyday errors...




to finely comb through written work (copy), weeding out any mistakes and inconsistencies, ensuring the final work - or proof - is of the highest quality.

why choose us?

Josh's father owned a successful Marketing Agency, and as he grew up it became commonplace to challenge each other at "mistake finding"; whether reading a menu in a restaurant, glancing at a paper over breakfast, or even grammar-checking the agencies own work, the game was never off. 


Without intention, Josh now has an eye that can spot a double space a mile off, or a spelling error in a text he's not even reading. A frustrating skill at times, Josh was eight when he wrote to Cadbury to complain about their flagrant ignorance of grammar; upon opening his Easter Egg that year and seeing the slogan "Its egg-cellent!" splashed in a large typeface across the front, it surprised him that even large corporations could confuse it's with its.

And so, proofweeder was born. 

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